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Gabriel Braico Dornas

Public Manager and developer...

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Things I Can Do⚓︎

  • Write code in Python

    As Python's official documentation says, it's a powerful and easy to learn programming language.

    Python official documentation

  • Use Git and GitHub like a pro

    Using Git and GitHub is cool because they enable collaboration, version control, and seamless project management.

    Visit my account

  • Write docs as code

    Let's focus our attention on creating good quality content and let the right tools let the hard work for us.

    Read more about this philosophy

  • Work with Linux

    Linux ecosystem grants the freedom of open source, the opportunity for innovation, and the excitement of continuous learning.

    Get to know Pop!_Os

  • Open source contributions

    Open source fosters collaborative innovation, and has the potential to enhance public administration efficiency.

    Read more about it

  • Use Power Automate

    Power Automate empowers non-programmers to automate tasks, boost productivity, and innovate effortlessly.

    Get to know the Automatiza.MG project